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Marcela Magdíková / portfolio

lives and works in Teplice, Czech Republic
* 2.6. 1975 in Teplice

1988-1993 Glass School of Applied Arts Kamenický Šenov, specialization engraver
under the leadership of sculptor František Novák and engraver Miroslav Knopp

from 2004 to the present AXUM Bohemia s.r.o. - designer fusing glass
2001 - 2003 Nordeko, a.s. creative graphic designer
1999 - 2000 Design and self-realization of orders in the art direction
(Commemorative Medals and sheets city Teplice and Bílina, emblem Fire brigade the Czech Republic)
1997 - 1999 Amos Art, s.r.o. artist-modeler
1997 - 1993 Avirunion, a.s., závod Rudolfova Huť v Dubí u Teplic technician and designer decors for pressed glass

Selection of orders:

Commemorative Medal for the year 2000  - design and model, based on the prize in a national competition announced by the regional museum of Teplice.

One of the commemorative sheets for year 2000, created for the city of Teplice. The drawing is the angel of the Plague Column on Castle Square.

Copies of funerary sculpture. (Amos ART, s.r.o.)


Commemorative Medals and sheets city Bílina (without veneer) - draft and model. The medal is displayed Bilina river, mountain Bořeň and "bubbles" from Bílinská Kyselka. The other side of the medal depicts the coat of arms and town hall tower.


Copies of early Gothic relief "Musical Angels". (AmosART, s.r.o.)

Commemorative certificate city Bílina. (On the sheet is Bořeň witch, mountain Bořeň a coat of arms.)

Commemorative certificate city Bílina. (On the sheet is the city seal, Townhall and other parts of the historic center.)


esign and implementation of PC graphics

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